Markus Schilder Photograph.

Markus Schilder

Let's get to know each other

Passion, passion it takes to be out there, well before the sun makes its daily majestic appearance. When night and day shake hands, the camera is set to capture those ephemeral moments. Shyly the first rays of light fill the sky with beautiful warm light and colours. That's the moment it clicks! And how rewarding it is!

Photography has not been the first choice of my professional work in life, but after some years programming networks as a computer engineer, secondary studies allowed for becoming a professional photographer. Over the next years Australia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China and later Russia found their way into my viewfinder. I settled in France and signed with French agency Rapho/TOP and a myriad of documentaries of France and its regions was commissioned.

As photography has myriads of specialities, a passion for architecture emerged over the years. Perspective control due to mathematical remodelling represents a real challenge. Often as many as 36 individual images are used to get one image right. Well, after all, I now am combining my passion for photography and my mathematical knowledge from my first career as an engineer.
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