© Jean-Francois DEROUBAIX
Passion, passion it takes to be out there, well before everyone else and well before the sun makes its daily often majestic appearance. Even before this recurring daily festival, the night often offers the last glimpses at stars. When night and day shake hands, the camera is already set in a planned spot to capture those ephemeral moments. The anticipation runs high, the passion is well alive. And then it happens. Shyly the first rays of light fill the sky with beautiful warm light and colors. That's the moment it clicks! And how rewarding it is!
Being out there confirms my choice of leaving a safe and well paid job as a computer engineer over and over again. Well, photography has not been the first choice of professional work in life, but after some years programming networks, the desire to change ever grew so indefinitely. Secondary studies allowed for becoming a professional photographer. To make use of the latest professional development and to put Nikon F4's to some serious work, Australia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Mainland China and later Russia found their way into my viewfinder and later onto film roll. Prior to leaving for this long journey Kodak had proposed to do a calendar of my work upon returning.
And as quick as weather changes, life changes too - sometimes. Returning from Russia proved to be a life changer. The initial return to Germany was scrapped and life started anew in France's capital Paris. The French agency Rapho/TOP accepted my images and we signed a contract. By this time, documentaries about France, from north to south, were on the daily agenda. Photographing the winemakers in France's south west was in particular rewarding - from the photography point of view and the hedonistic one too. The welcome at those properties was fabulous and often ended in getting a taste of the wine while sharing a meal.
As photography has myriads of specialities, a passion for architecture emerged over the years. Perspective control due to mathematical remodeling represents a real challenge. Often as many as 36 individual images are used to get one image right. Well, after all, I now am combining my passion for photography and my mathematical knowledge from my first career as an engineer.
La Défense

I have combined several different technics in this image. The image is perfectly straight, using the tilt-shift lens and the exposure is about 120seconds, using a neutral density filter.

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