Hong Kong

City of plenty, a country in itself. Hong Kong has one of the highest inhabitants per squre kilometre. Housing is a major problem the Hong Kong govenment tackles its own way. Huge housing estates invade the little peninsula and make for spectacular images. 

Though living conditions are fairly basic and appartement sizes are small, surprisingly bright exterior colors give a feel of welcome and cosiness. Photographing public mansion like this can be a daunting task, as most are tall and light differences between the base and upper floors vary a lot. In order to get the perspective right, finding a vantage point is essential but far from easy.

The image on the left displays the interiour of one of Ho Man Tin housing estates and leads towards more architectural images of Hong Kong.

La Defense

Paris business district La Defense is just outside Paris' so called "intra-muros"-area. Paris is geographically limited by its ringroad. The surronding suburbs are often residential areas, but one suburb to west stands out and is considered Paris'' financial headquarter. La Defense is therefore associated with Paris and often considered part of Paris. Paris and La Defense share one urban particularity: France's most beautiful street, the Champs-Elysées. It starts in the heart of Paris, at the place de la Concorde runs all the way out to La Defense, though it changes name. When it starts at Place de la Concorde it bears the inital Name Avenue des Champs-Elysées and once it hits the Place de Triomphe it changes name to Avenue de la Grande Armée.

La Defense hosts a variety of skyscrapers, living quarters and  complexity of city planning  make it a great place to take photographs.

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