Elbphilharmonie Hamburg.

An image taken with a perspective correction control lens, better known as tilt-shift lens. In this particular image the focus lies on the main building thus giving it the main attention. The warm evening sun allowed for nicely balanced shadows and yet details. The light bouncing of the stairs to the left gives the image its surreal feeling. The final touch, which I really like a lot, comes from the passers-by. Their dynamic yet frozen gestures make the image come alive and somewhat artistic. The scattered clouds give this image a warm touch.

Image taken with a Nikon 24mm TS lens set to f3.5

Fushimi Inari - between dream and reality


Kyoto Fushimi Inari.

When taking this image, a japanese woman came towards me and asked, if she could have a look at the image. I happily obliged, hit the play button and she looked at it. She pointed to the left side of the image, the in-focus part and said "reality" and let her fingers travel over the Nikon's display to the right and said "dream". How wonderfully put, I immediately thought. A few moments passed with me looking at the image and to my regret, the moment I turned to ask her name, she was gone. Dream and reality.

Image taken with a Nikon 200mm at f2


The Forest of Senart.

Early morning capture in the Senart forest. The fog literally descends to the floor and creates an eerie atmosphere.Sun rays light up the alleys and the tree's canopies as mushroom hunters look for Cepe in early September.

I really like the image's mood and the light differences in the trees. 

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